The door creeks as it opens. A bell rings.

You enter a room flooded with sunlight, dust dancing between the golden rays. Shelves over shelves climb up the earthen walls of the apothecary, each filled with hand-brewed curiosities that shimmer with the glow of healing. Woven baskets & wooden chests full of alchemical artefacts cover the floor.

Piles of books. Bundles of herbs. Candles flickering. A sweet scent of home.

Come inside, love!

Seasonal botanicals

“SEASONS” is a collection of healing elixirs, salves & soaps inspired by the seasonal flora, all handmade with mindfully sourced & wildcrafted ingredients.

Ritual arts & crafts

“RITUAL” is an ever shapeshifting collection of earth-inspired crafts, ritual items & accessories for your medicine journey. They are crafted by two loving hands in the forest, using natural materials such as clay, leather, bone, wool, bark, natural pigments…