In order to assume our role as earth guardians, as stewards of gardens, meadows & forests, as equals of animal & plant kingdom, we must unlearn the idea that the earth needs our saving.
We need to understand that it is her who saves us, and daily.

We are woven into the mycelial dreamscapes of inter-being that form this reality. We have traveled through eons of lifetimes, we have been rock & stone & moss, we have been winged, scaled & furred.

To be in full devotion to the forces of life & death, we need to allow the earth to speak her mysteries through our voice, and do her sacred work through our hands.

„What was said to the rose
that made it open
was said to me
here in my chest.

What was told the cypress
that made it strong and straight,
what was whispered the jasmine
so it is what it is,

whatever made sugarcane sweet, (…)
whatever lets the pomegranate flower
blush like a human face,
that is being said to me now. “

Jalaluddin Rumi

I dearly hope that this space allows you to cultivate an even deeper tenderness for the forest, the wind, the rain,
that it inspires you to listen closer to the whispers of your mother,
to feel part of the web of all living things,
to approach your own definition of wildness
and to explore how you most naturally express your inner landscape.
I hope that it encourages you to let yourself be touched by this world,
and to fully inhabit your body & the place you call home.