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  1. Van

    Not a review but a question: How is this extracted – with alcohol or..?

    • WilderMin

      The dream elixir is an extraction of herbs in vegetable glycerine & 38% alcohol 🧡

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“Trust in your dreams, for in them lies hidden the gate to eternity.”
Khalil Gibran

Few things are as fascinating and ever-mysterious as the dreamworld. I believe that this space is where we are able to touch other realms, aswell as process the experiences we make in this reality.

The DREAM elixir is a composition of plants who have mastered the initiations of the night. Gentle guides that light our way through the darkness, equipping us with the tools needed to navigate the unknown lands behind our closed eyes.

Soothing nervines & gentle sedatives like passionflower, hops, lavender and valerian root have long been used in folk medicine to treat anxiety, insomnia & sleep disorders.
Mugwort, queen of the dream realm, is said to enable lucid dreaming, as it safely guides us over the threshold to the Otherworld.

Brewed into an elixir, this delicious herbal blend will sing you the sweetest of lullabies…