St. Johnswort oil


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Few other plants capture the sun-kissed essence of summer, of golden rays on naked skin, as much as the yellow-flowered beauty that is St. Johnswort.

A traditional herb of summer solstice, St. Johnswort can be woven into crowns or bouquets that, hung over the door, attrackt protection, strength & happiness.

Praised as an herbal anti-depressant and neuro-restorative, it has long been used to treat anxiety & depression, but it is also known to relieve all sorts of pain, especially nerve pain.

When applied externally in the well-known form of a bright red oil infusion, it can relieve all kinds of skin conditions or painful inflammation and speed up the healing of wounds.

The spirit of St. Johnswort can bring sunlight into the dark corners of our inner landscapes, and help us walk towards our vision with clarity & a positive mindset.

Caution: long-term use of St. Johnswort preparations can cause photo-sensitivity!