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To me, the seasonal festives of Old Europe are the fertile soil that our personal trees of life can root into, and grow into pathways of meaning & belonging.

They are portals through which the earth whispers the secrets of living & dying in our ears.

Litha, or summer solstice, celebrates the longest day & shortest night of the year’s wheel. It is the peak of light, of long, sun-kissed days spent frolicking in the wild that lives & pulsates around us.

Seeds have turned sprouts, then blossoms.
Meadows, fields & gardens are showing off their beauty in colour & scent.
It is the time to gather, to dwell amongst our kin and celebrate together the abundance of nature.

The Litha incense blend has been crafted with traditional sun-spirited solstice herbs like St. Johnswort & Calendula, and further Mugwort, which was formerly used to open doors towards the unseen world.
Cornflower adds sky-coloured sprinkles to the blend and helps open the senses.
Amber adds a balsamic fragrance while reconnecting us with ancient wisdom.

Best suited for incense diffusers & incense coal.