Handcrafted birch bark medicine pouches



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There is something utterly magical about birch. Her white bark seems to shine, her leaves flutter in the wind as if she wanted to help us shake off old weight, her whole energetic field sings of lightness.

The extraordinary bark of this pioneer tree has been used in craftmanship for millenia – birch bark containers have been used by various tribal cultures of the northern hemisphere, as vessels to behold food, medicine & tools.

Birch is associated with the northern European goddess Brigid, the one who comes to melt winter’s last snow into fields of green. She carries the fire of hope, new beginnings & inspiration – just like birch.

To me, birch is muse. She gives me permission to dedicate myself to the path of art & healing, to expand my creative horizon, to experiment curiously in the artistic realms. She kindles the flames of my inner urge to create, and encourages me to flow alongside my creativity, flexible like water.

In gratitude to this magical tree, I have crafted a series of birch bark pouches for you. They are intended as talismans, as reminders of your deep connection to nature and as a symbolic kiss of your artistic muse.
Whatever these pouches may carry when you wear them, may they guide & support you in your pursuit of creating beauty.

Each piece is entirely unique.
Handle with care, this material does not endure high amounts of weight/pressure.