The Fool

Handcrafted leather choker necklace with herb-filled vial


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The Tarot card of the Fool, first of the major arcana, stands for the beginning of a new journey, the new dawn that rises above us after times of deep introspection, the rebirth into a new form we are about to embody.

Adventurous, light-hearted and hopeful, this is the archetype of a free spirit ready to leave the old self behind and embark on an endeavor of unfolding into the new self, much like the buds & blossoms courageously opening in spring.

This talisman is made to evoke the qualities of the Fool, calling the fresh breeze of inspiration & innocence.

This prayer is held by birch bark, symbol of lightness & muse, plantain as a faithful companion to the wanderer who seeks to rediscover their innate wildness, and white rose with her graceful yet self-decided spirit.

The plants used for this necklace are homegrown, wildcrafted or ethically sources, and the choker is made with recycled leather.

The necklace is adjustable due to snap buttons and made to suit different neck sizes.

Please note that this ritual object is handmade with hand tools, and therefore has its charming imperfections.

The leather might darken a bit with time & use.