The Witch’s Garden

Online class on Ancestral Herbalism, Smoke medicine & Plants for the Otherworld



Come with me, seeker & weaver of dreams…

… on a journey to the Otherside, to a liminal place that remains unseen to the inattentive eye. In this place, the song of ancestors, nature spirits & the deep wisdom of the earth come alive. Let’s explore which rituals & plants can take us there, and how touching this subtle realm can help us mend the fragmented fabric of our connection to the more-than-human world, and thus remember how to be gentle, graceful guardians of the land again.

In over 5 hours of pre-recorded video material that you can watch from home at any moment, I guide you through:

– the history of the co-evolution of plant & human life on earth, the basics of what Ancestral Herbalism is and what distinguishes it from modern herbalism movements

– the understanding of how colonialism & cultural appropriation can infiltrate our herbal practice, and how we can decolonize it

– ways of approaching Ancestral herbalism far beyond simply “using the herbs my ancestors used”

– an overview over the pagan seasonal festives & herbal rituals of Old Europe

– the link between our ancestral memories and our sense of smell

– the gifts of smoke medicine as an ancestral herbal practice

– different types of incense, their way of use and various detailed portraits of plants for guiding us over the threshold to the Otherworld

– a somatic plant spirit communication exercise

– the Otherworld as a mythological, psychological & spiritual concept

– plants as guides & bridges to the unseen

– a journey through hedgerows, graveyards & the witch’s gardens of mythological figures on the endeavor to find & meet otherwordly plant companions

– a little stroll through my own witch’s garden

– portraits of selected plants from the witch’s garden, and impulses on how to approach them in a safe, respectful way

The class is split into three modules which all include lectures, journaling exercises, somatic practices & poetic musings.

In the bonus material, there’s PDF guides with detailed monographs of the plants discussed in class, recipes, rituals & journal prompts for further inquiry.

I intended this online journey to be a guide for you, a reminder of your innate capacity to access the subtle realms beyond our visible reality, and come into a close communion with the spirits of nature – so that you may find yourself held & supported as you remember how to embody the animate essence of all life.

In short, you will receive:

– 3 class modules with 5+ hours of content on the above topics

– PDF guides with rituals, recipes & journaling impulses

– a Spotify playlist full of witchy & mystical tunes

that you can access at any time from the comfort of your home!


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