The Wheel of Fortune

Handcrafted leather choker necklace with herb-filled vial


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The Tarot card of the Wheel of fortune represents the cycles of transformation that all of creation must constantly undergo. Half hidden in the shadow, the new horizons we are bound to embark towards can never be fully known while still in the moment of shedding our old skin.

The wheel of fortune invites us to embrace these moments of initiation, and to find peace within the thresholds that are potentially cloaked in darkness. It enables communication with the Otherworld & encourages us to seek guidance from the more-than-human world.

This talisman is made to evoke resilience & faith throughout times of crisis, uncertainty and un-becoming, and help to cultivate a soothing trust in the turning of the wheel.

This prayer is held by mugwort, symbol of the cycles of life & the weavers of fate, ivy as queen of the shadows & protector of all that lays dying, and reishi, representing the interconnectedness of the mycelial web that holds us.

The plants used for this necklace are homegrown, wildcrafted or ethically sources, and the choker is made with recycled leather.

The necklace is adjustable due to snap buttons and made to suit different neck sizes.

Please note that this ritual object is handmade with hand tools, and therefore has its charming imperfections.

The leather might darken a bit with time & use.