Earth pigment art set

Natural art supply set including ceramic colour palette, natural brushes and earth pigments



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This set of handcrafted, natural art supplies is for those who want to take their creative process on a new, and at the same time very ancient level.

It includes

– 1 handmade ceramic colour palette

– 5 handmade brushes from natural materials

– 5 different earth pigments (part foraged, part sourced from ethical supplier) in cute glass bottles

– 1 bottle of gum arabic powder & instruction of how to turn your pigments into paint

What you can do with this set, you wonder? It gives you the basic tools to make your own natural watercolour paint, fill it in your new ceramic palette and start making art with your natural brushes!

Enjoy the beauty of rediscovering this ancient technology of paint-making and weave your art back into the cycles of nature!