Sentient Nature – Lughnasad

2 day transmission series on Lughnasad, the “Women’s 30” and preserving the scent of summer



The days are getting hotter in the Northern hemisphere – August comes with a merciless sun that might trouble the fields with droughts & wildfires, but at the same time, blesses the plants with the energy they need to fully ripen.

August, month of medicinal aromatics, wild berries and field flowers – we know that the time to gather & preserve their medicine is NOW, because soon enough, summer will fade into fall…

Lughnasad, also known as the “Cutter’s day, comes to remind us of sustainable harvest practices, rituals in honour of the gracious corn mother and lessons about ripeness, fullness & maturity. And it sends us right off into the” Women’s 30″, the most important days for medicine women, flower foragers & wortcunners!

Join me for a super accessible 2day transmission series on the mythology of Lughnasad, the plant medicines traditionally prepared during this time, and the wisdom that this ancient harvest festive holds for us as a human collective…

1 audio per day from the 30st until the 31st of July via a private Telegram group!

Day 1

Mythology, folklore & ancient rituals surrounding the harvest festive Lammas/Lughnasad, reflections on the emotional process of ripening

Day 2

The importance of the “Women’s 30”, the solar nature of aromatic plants, properly gathering & drying medicinal herbs and recipes for preserving summer’s sweetness

Are you ready to remember our ancestral European rituals in order to restore reciprocate relationships between humans & earth?


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