Roots of Resilience

Online class on Root chakra healing, nervous system regulation & the holy waters of grief



I invite you, brave one…

… on a journey that explores the intrinsic connection between the ground we stand on, the way we perceive the world & the way we are shaped by our experiences. This online class is a deep dive through the sacred soil of our roots & the holy waters of our grief. And from these depth, rises a wellspring of Resilience.

In over 4 hours of pre-recorded video material that you can watch from home at any moment, I guide you through:

– a Root chakra meditation
– the energetics & blockages of the Root chakra
– healing rituals & plant medicines for nourishing the Root
– the link between Root chakra & nervous system
– the science of the autonomic nervous system & the polyvagal theory
– ways that we can regulate our nervous system & lower our stress response
– plant medicines for nervous system work
– the importance of allowing grief to be our teacher
– grief rituals & plant medicine for grief work
– how to map your personal resources of Resilience
– and more…

The class is split into three modules which include journaling exercises, somatic practices & poetic musings.
In the bonus material, there’s a medicine making class for you where we craft medicines for Root chakra & nervous system together, aswell as PDF guides to rituals & recipes for resilience.

I intended this online journey to be a stronghold for you in difficult times, and provide you with the equipment you need to navigate through any hardship with the help of the mythical medicine of nature.

In short, you will receive:
– 3 class modules with 4+ hours of content on the above topics
– a medicine making video class
– PDF guides with rituals, recipes & journaling impulses
that you can access at any time from the comfort of your home!

Rashani Rea says:
“There is a brokenness
out of which comes the unbroken,
a shatteredness
out of which blooms the unshatterable.”

Let’s find this place together!


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