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To me, the seasonal festives of Old Europe are the fertile soil that our personal trees of life can root into, and grow into pathways of meaning & belonging.

They are portals through which the earth whispers the secrets of living & dying in our ears.

In the beginning of August, the simple, farming folk of Old Europe used to celebrate Lughnasad – associated with the trickster god Loki, but also with the harvest of the first grains. First breads where baked and bundles of aromatic herbs, now standing in their full strength & fragrance, where gathered and hung up to dry.

While the days already grow shorter again, the sun is still strong and the land, grateful for every drop of rain, gifts us the first bounty of harvest season.
Meadows smell sweeter than ever, we are allowed some last moments of worriless contemplation before the work of harvest season begins, and nature seems to invite us to ponder upon all that we are grateful for.

The Lughnasad incense blend (my personal favorite so far) intends to capture the energy of sweetness, of bounty, of aromatic medicinal herbs, first hay harvests and late summer magic.
Chamomile, mullein flowers & elecampane root represent sun & fire, helping us to soak up the light with body & soul before the dark days arrive. Vervain adds a calming, dreamy touch and beloved Sweetgrass (homegrown!) is a feast for the senses and a comforting, vanilla-like embrace.

Best suited for incense diffusers & incense coal.