Behind the apothecary you just visited lays another, hidden door. It leads outside, to a pathway that winds into the forest.
From here, many other little trails & tracks lead you anywhere you want to go next.

You can decide to leave this sanctuary, and journey onwards.
Or you can stay awhile longer, and discover to which other beautiful projects & people these pathways connect.

Find any kind of features & collaborations of “Wilder medicines” on this last page.

We are one great web of wonders.

Course collaborations

Vibrant Body

– a self-paced online journey to rewire the nervous system

(by Mahé Ravi Hardev)

Dreaming Reality

– a self-paced online course über die Kunst des Träumens, Schlafens & Manifestierens

(by Elena from Aesthetic Matters)

Womb Blooming

– ein Kurs für deine weibliche Urkraft

(by Inga Laumann)

Podcast features

Wild Modern Magic

– Magie & Rituale für die dunkle Jahreszeit

(by Inga Laumann)

Written features

Will be updated soon…