Juniper (dusk)

Ceramic smoke bundle holder, colour dusk



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The medicine of smoke is as old as our sense of smell.
Burning plants & resins in the fire and inhaling their fumes were amongst the very first medicines humans used.
Scents get delivered straight into our limbic system in the brain and can activate long-lost memories, hidden emotions & healing guidance.

One way of using the medicine of smoke is to wrap aromatic plants into tight bundles and burn them.
For the bundles to be well kept while they emit their healing fumes, I crafted these precious ceramic smoke bundle holders.

Clay, raw & primal mother of matter, earth & water shaped into form.
Imprinted with the protective & ancient spirit of the juniper tree.
Burnt in the fire, made to behold the medicines of smoke & air.
A symphony composed by the elements.

Available in two colours: Dark brown (dusk) & sierra red (dawn).

Please swipe through the numbered pictures and choose the shape you like best.
Very limited number of pieces available.
Smoke bundle not included.