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Wilder medicines

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womb, myth & ancient arts

Welcome, wild one.

Welcome, wanderer, forest whisperer, wisdom seeker & dreamer.

I invite you to step through this portal with me. But beware! You might get lost behind it, like one can get lost in the woods…

This portal leads deep into the heart of the land and the garden of the soul.

A temple of remembrance that shines in different shades of green. A place of quietude, where whispers of long forgotten days turn song. A sweet moment in time where the heartbeat of the earth echoes back to you through soil, bark, rain & rock. A reservoir of reverence.

Step forward, and find your way home.

„ I thought the earth remembered me,   
 she took me back so tenderly (…) “

Mary Oliver, Sleeping in the forest

Well of wisdom

If you seek to learn about the language of plants & flowers, the healing presence of trees, the gifts of the seasons, the earth rituals of your heritage and ways to build reciprocate & resilient relationships as you steward the land,

or if you wish to explore the landscapes of your body, find shelter within its rhythms, dismantle decades of imposed belief systems of shame, re-enliven the herbal traditions of the wise woman lineage, and understand the archetypes that weave the great tapestry of life through matriarchal myth & lore,

or if you want to find your way back to the creative force that runs through your hands, if you find passion & purpose in the materials gifted by nature, if you long to give voice & form to your dreams, and if you want to transmit the earth´s whispers with your art,

then you will surely find guidance within the walls of this sanctuary.

Earth Apothecary

If you have a moment to spare, come and peruse through the whimsical collection of earth offerings that fill the shelves of this apothecary.

Take your time! There`s much to see…

There is, for example, a shelf with brews & elixirs, salves, soaps & incense blends, all crafted in accordance with the seasons, and infused with careful intentions of healing & remembrance.

Another shelf holds treasures for the feral & tender woman, lovingly curated oils, steams, spells & other musings that long to reconnect you with the rhythmical nature of your precious body.

And oh! A wooden chest filled with crafts, ritual items & accessoires for your own medicine shelf & journey. Made of clay, wool, leather, bark, bone and the kiss of ancient memories…

Take a leap of faith and enter to contemplate the home-brewed medicines & hand-crafted treasures of the Earth apothecary!

„ Forget not that the earth delights to feel
your bare feet and the winds long to play
with your hair. “

Khalil Gibran       

Hey, wild one!

I’m Janina, folk herbalist, passionate gardener, artist, poet & weaver of remembrance. I craft botanical elixirs & ritual items in my forest home, and teach all things related to the magnificence of the plant kingdom.


The vision

behind “Wilder medicines” is informed by a deeply animist understanding of the natural world & her inhabitants. The Earth speaks, and we make her words our prayers…

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