Ceramic colour palette

Handcrafted ceramic palette for colour mixing

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Shaped from brown clay, glazed and burnt with the intention to create a sacred tool for the Animist artist. The one who wants to transform not only ideas into matter, but also cares about the journey being intrinsically interwoven with nature in each & every step.

These unique ceramic colour palettes are part of my deep intention to support other artists on the path of returning to circular, sustainable ways of creation.

We are by no means obligated to incorporate manufactured, soul-less products into our creative process – earth provides all that we could dream of!

These lovingly crafted palettes cannot wait to hold your favourite colours – be it watercolour, acrylics or foraged wild pigments. Or you could use them simply as a mixing palette to create all the shades of colours that turn your paintings into extraordinary pieces!

They pair beautifully with the handmade brushes from natural materials that I am offering. Also available as a set that includes a variety of earth pigments, have a look!