Guardian (sand)

Handwoven medicine pouch, colour sand

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Textile work like spinning, weaving & needle binding is imprinted in the collective memory of all tribal cultures. Recuperating those ancient techniques means remembering the entire tapestry of wise women weaving the destiny of their tribes.

Textile work is ancestral research & reclamation.

With this in mind, I have created these precious medicine pouches for you.
For your most cherished treasures.
For those small symbols of your own strength, capability, courage & vision.
For earthen reminders of how loved you are.
For whatever you want to carry close to your heart to be guided & guarded on your path, be it stones, seeds, plants or love notes…

I used raw, entirely untreated sheep wool gathered in the Norwegian fjord landscapes. I spun the wool by hand with a spindle carved from spruce wood. I wove these sturdy, stable pouches during many dedicated hours, and finished them off with a deer antler button & leather cord.

The soft, peaceful spirit of sheep, which is closely related to dreams & visions aswell, combined with the gentle strength of the deer, guardian of forests & protector of the wild.

Its hard to explain with words how much time, attention & intentional prayer has been put into these little pouches. To me, they feel like testimonies of time, of history, of the original story.
Woven for you to be protected on the path you are weaving with every step…

Size varies between 6x6cm and 8x8cm.