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Have you ever felt like the rains & storms of autumn season turn your inner landscape into an unpredictable river of emotions?
And have you also learnt that over the years, with all the growth & healing on your path, your capacity to navigate these roaring waters has increased?

Resilience is defined as the capacity to adapt to stress, challenges, hardships & unexpected circumstances in life without being broken, just like plants growing in rough terrain learn to adapt to their surroundings.
Many factors play into the development of resilience, just as there is many tools to support that process.

On the map of resources that we can use like a compass throughout difficult times – comparable to the roots of a tree that always finds a way to extract water & nutrients from the soil – adaptogen & nervine plants shine brightly.

Therefore, I have crafted an elixir of favorite plant allies for root chakra, nervous system & resilience. It contains

stinging nettle, queen of well-nourished boundaries,
burdock root, comforting mama bear & embrace of the earth,
tulsi, holy guardian of inner & outer temples,
reishi, queen of the woods & mycelial consciousness,
and oatstraw, replenishment & soothing grief-tender.

Each plant in this carefully selected composition has its own way of supporting the nervous & hormonal system, lower the stress response, and guide your body & soul through processes of grief, death & despair.

The resilience elixir is a reminder for you, whenever you need it, of your innate potential to grow & rise through even the stormiest of times!