Solar Plexus tonic


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In Eastern medicine traditions, the Solar Plexus Chakra is the seat of our inner fire, our will-power, and our capacity to pursue our mission & purpose.
It is closely linked to the digestive system, and imbalances within that system can influence our connection to our unique purpose.

Oftentimes, herbs that support the digestive tract are also the ones that connect us to our joy, our inner calling, our true essence – whether we need stimulation to re-kindle our inner flame, or a soothing balm that keeps us from burning out.

This sweet elixir has captured the energies of plants that support both physical & emotional aspects of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Ginger’s spicy rhizomes can help to bring movement into sluggish digestive systems, ease stomach cramps and relieve nausea. It acts as an overall strengthening tonic and can relieve depression. Ginger feels wild & fierce, gifting us the courage to stand up for our soul purpose, remove blockages and reconnect us with our joy!

Peppermint is an aromatic summer herb known for its cooling, soothing effect – although it can act warming & stimulating when consumed hot! Peppermint supports digestive & gut health on many levels and is known to ease pain & tension.
It calms the nerves, and, like a breeze of fresh air, clears the mind from clutter that distracts us from walking our path with clarity & intention.

Lastly, marshmallow root offers a mucilaginous coat of protection to our digestive & gut lining, soothing inflammation & regulating peristaltic movement.
It helps us remember to slow down when we tend to burn out, and can can help us “gather ourselves” by shielding us from harmful, distracting influences.

This elixir is soothing, inspiring, joyful & direction-giving.