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This might very well be the most delicious-tasting elixir I’ve ever crafted!
I have therefore taken a leap across the borders of my local landscape, and asked permission to use two incredible plant medicines from tropical regions.

Summer, to me, carries the seasonal quality of passion, of joy, of savoring the sweet nectar of life – it invites us not only to go out and indulge in the blooming world, but also to continue our own unfolding into the direction pointed by our greatest desires!

What inspires us to create?
What stirs our passionate nature?
What helps us allow to pleasure into our life?

Hibiscus is a magnificent plant to accompany this inquiry. It’s beautiful flowers can be turned into dark red elixirs that don’t only strengthen the body, but also reminds us that we are creative, passionate beings, and that we deserve to indulge in the pleasures of life!

Schisandra chinensis is an adaptogen often used in Chinese medicine, that can supply the entire organism with life force, strength & stamina. It’s one of the most energizing plants I know, and I find it to really activate our happiness hormones!

This sweet vegetable glycerine extraction of Hibiscus & Schisandra has been brewed with the intention to be a life elixir & tonic that provides us with plenty of energy & inspiration, in order to help us open our senses, connect with the calling of our heart, and dedicate ourselves once more to that which really ignites our passion!