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  1. Alexa W. (verified owner)

    Oh wow! Ich bin so begeistert von dem Elixier! Es ist mega lecker und fühlt sich richtig gut an. Hab das Gefühl das da ganz viel FrühlingsMagie mit drin ist 💚🌷🌼

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The miracle of breath is amongst the smallest fractals that mirror the patterns of existence.

Inhale deeply, and fill yourself with life.
Exhale, and birth your voice into the world.

The lungs are where breath transforms air into life force.
The throat is where your vocal chords sit.
Both of them are tightly linked to how you translate the whispers of the wild into purposeful expression.
Breath of life.
Creating & en-livening your own myth.

“Breathe” has been curated to aid the throat, lungs & voice in cleansing, expanding and expressing their unique rhythm & message.
Clearing, demulcant & expectorant plant spirits have been captured in this elixir that soothes your airways like sweet syrup.

Plantain has been cherished by folk healers since time immemorial as a great lung cleanser, and has been used to treat coughs & clear out mucous. Further an excellent medicine for wounds, plantain’s jollyful spirit encourages you to trust the call of the wild and to seek out the adventure of walking on hidden paths that lead deep into the heart of nature.

Beloved yarrow is a full-spectrum healer. It has been loved as a remedy for sinus infections, wet coughs & flus by many folk medicine traditions, as it reduces swelling of internal mucous membranes and its essential oils fights off pathogens.
Yarrow is a light-bringer that encourages thoughtful communication, a clear vision & the discernment of what you need to move towards it.

Meadowsweet is a light-hearted dancer on the meadows of life. It comes with a peculiar taste and pain-relieving, fever-reducing porperties. Teaching the medicine of spaciousness, meadowsweet brings a breeze of fresh air into dusted habits.

“Breathe” brings these healing spirits together to help you listen, embrace & express the earth’s whispers with lightheartedness and ease.

Important note: Store in fridge to prolong shelf life!